Minimal gear setup

I’m posting something about the gear I used live at the Pit Stop Bar show.
We had a show on September 2020, weird! Gianluca managed to get a date also during the pandemic.
Restricted mobility and strange days, I wanted to stay light.
The show was in a little opening, so the idea was the usual for this kind of venue: bass and guitars from the amplifiers, voice and drum kick from the PA. So a very little mixer was needed.
So for my guitar I brought the smallest setup I can think of at the moment: the Atomic Ampli-FireBox to connect to the active speaker RCF TT10A. Then I had the in ear monitor, but this time I only connected it to the link of the TT10A and to a voice return from the mixer. My ear pads are not 100% isolating, so I can still hear the drum even if it’s not monitored. This is the same setup I often use in the rehearsal room.
I’m very satisfied of the sound I had, and it’s been super quick to setup, tear down, and to transport.

poalris live @ pit stop bar (fano)

Audio is from the camera mic as only the drum kick and the voice were through the mixer.

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