The song Anesthesia, it’s more and less how I remember the chat I had with the anesthetist before falling asleep. It’s been funny, or so I remember it.

Recording gear:

Guitars: LTD M Black Metal and Fractal AX8
Bass: Yamaha rbx 170 with Toontrack EZmix
Drums: Toontrack ezDrummer Metal Machine
Vocals: Shure beta 87A with EZmix plugins
DAW: Reaper with EZmix plugins


we gonna tell you
what we do
we gonna pierce you
to send you sweet juice

you’ll feel some little dizziness
but then the punch arrives
do think of something that you like
the sea is how you call it now

so how is it, what do you feel
I can’t recall, it slips, it melts
so where is it that you play?
do think of something that you like

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