Snatches Of Sight

I built up this one from the bass riff. Wondering if it could have been the intro for a live show, I added the guitar parts. I kept it a bit long because the idea was to play it from a recording and to start the live when the distorted guitars kick in.
The lyrics are adapted from ‘The shadow out of time’ by H.P. Lovecraft.

I seem to be
in an enormous vaulted chamber
with colossal round windows
vast shelves of dark wood

immense sized books
with strange
hieroglyphs on their backs

visions of sweeping
through cyclopean corridors
the mocking hieroglyphs
on the walls

would blast my soul
were I not guarded
by a merciful

About the gear:
LTD GH600 with NeuralDSP Nameless on the left, Headrush Gigboard on the right.
Shure beta 87A, EZDrummer, Yamaha rbx160 bass, EZMix and Reaper.

Here a walkthrough of the instrumental version:

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