The Lost Gate

The Lost Gate is the album I decided to make putting together some of the songs I wrote by myself. I have chosen the ones with the lyrics from ‘The Silver Key’ by H.P. Lovecraft, I think they fit together well. The Lost Gate is the title of the third song, maybe the most immediate of the album, so that’s why it gives the title to the album. I also changed the moniker to G’Rova, it reminds me a bit of R’lyeh, and the domain fits, cool :). Thanx ytre for the suggestion.

ModBlackmoon made the logo, and I like it a lot! Check her works out.

So far the title track is online on spotify and the others usual online store, the album will follow shortly, I actually already changed the master of it, so when the album will be online, it’s gonna be a bit different.

In more details, the new master is a bit more sparkling with the use of a saturator, and a bit less compressed. But maybe I’ll write about it when it will be online.

The Lost Gate cover

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