The Lost Gate Guitar Playthrough

Here it is the guitar playthrough of the left guitar on ‘The Lost Gate’. I made this video long ago for the community of the ESP website, but now I added the new audio. The guitar track is the same, but I replayed the bass guitar, edited the drum, reamped the guitars, remixed and remestered everything. This is the actual track and the final audio of the published album.

The guitars are reamped with the Fractal FM3, using the EVH 50 amp simulator and factory cabs. The left guitar that you see in the video is the ESP LTD GH 600. The right guitar is the ESP LTD M Black Metal, you can see it in other videos on my youtube channel. The bass is the LTD B204-SM with Toontrack effects on it. EZDrum and Plugin Alliance stuff for the rest of the production.

The Lost Gate lyrics are adapted from The Silver Key by H.P. Lovecraft:

One night, I found the key
Inside a carved oak box 
With the scent
of bygone spices
the old servant forced – the carven lid
shaking – at the hideous faces
leering from the blackened wood
wrapped – in a tarnish scroll
written of hieroglyphs
of an alien tongue
rested –  the key
handed down from my ancestors
to the lost gate of dreams

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